Benefits of using
a fuel card

Fuel cards off many benefits, empowering your business to go further and streamlining the efficiency of your fleet. Discover the top 10 benefits fuel cards deliver.
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What are the benefits of fuel cards?

We understand how busy managing a fleet can be, and using a fuel card for your business can be extremely rewarding, no matter how big or small your business is. Our various fuel-saver card solutions bring unmatched efficiency to fleet management.
Save time and money whilst running
your business smoothly.
Convenient fuel payment methods for
your drivers on the road.

Achieve unmatched cost savings


No more bank cards orpetty cash, fuel cards offer streamlined fuel purchasing without the hassle.

Reduced fuel costs

Depending on the fuel card you use, you could benefit from reduced fuel costs, saving your business money.

Control spend

You can apply rules and limits to your fuel cards adding an additional layer of security, giving you peace of mind.

Here to help

Our friendly account managers are on hand to help you get the most competitive, cost effective solution.

Simplify your fuel card management

Save time, and streamline your business

Using our fuel cards provides you with a range of in-depth fleet management data, free carbon reporting and HMRC-approved invoices. Designed to ease your administrative burden and eliminating the need for time consuming receipt processing or driver reimbursements.

Save time

Spend less time processing, and more time running your business.

Save money

A smoother fleet operation means greater savings on fuel costs.  

Valuable insights, in one place

Monthly data reports from fuel cards allow you to understand your driver's refuelling habits, giving you data to make effective business decisions, and reduce your fuel costs.  

Optimise your fleet

Plan effective changes to your fleets operation using real data.

Secure data

Invoice data and reports are securely processed and communicated.
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Boost morale with driver loyalty schemes

With certain fuel cards, gain loyalty points to spend on reward schemes. This is a great insensitive and way of utilising your fuel card to reward your drivers with being able to use the points collated on the cards they use, such as a free coffee on the road.

Boost morale

Reward your drivers with hundreds of free gift options.

Leading brands

Collect points from common loyalty schemes such as Nectar, and Tesco Clubcard.

“I have dealt with Fuelmate for a number of years and they are a great company to deal with. Always very helpful and very efficient.”

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What sets Fuelmate apart?

We go the extra mile

Our consultative approach allows us to become not just a supplier, but an extension of your business.

Trusted experts

Our experienced team have a wealth of industry knowledge. Ensuring you always get the most effective fuel card options.

No hidden costs

We believe in complete transparency when it comes to our product's pricing and costs, so there’s no surprises.

Here to help

Our friendly team means no spending hours on chatbots or on hold, we’re here to provide real help, from real people.


Fair and honest pricing with no hidden fees

As a fuel card provider, we believe in the importance of customer service. We will assign you a personal account manager, so you always have a clear point of contact. We believe in 100% transparency with regards to costs, which means no hidden fees.  
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