Which of Our BP Fuel Cards is Best for You?

As a fleet manager, convenience, choice and control are all crucial elements to consider when deciding on a fuel card. At the same time, the wide range of fuel cards available and the vast array of pricing models can be overwhelming and make selecting the right business fuel card for your fleet a real challenge. To help navigate this highly competitive market, we have a handy guide on our BP fuel card range designed to help you pick the best option for both your operational and commercial needs.

Of course, the best way to find the most suitable fuel card is by getting in touch with us today. We have a wealth of knowledge and can easily guide you to find the most convenient and cost-efficient solution for your fleet. Our wider team, including your own dedicated account manager, can be considered as an extension of your own team and are on hand to assist with all things fuel related. No matter the size of your fleet, we have a solution to meet your current and evolving operational requirements.

With BP cards offering some of the largest network coverage available, you and your drivers will never be left struggling to find somewhere to refuel. Our BP product also offers a range of added features such as PIN protected security, the ability to collect BPme points, and access to quality fuels.

If you need more in-depth fleet data, tracking and robust KPI’s to help take the guess work out of fleet management, you can speak with one of our advisors about our Fleetmate Telematics service today.

Why Fuelmate?

Here at Fuelmate, we work hard to ensure we offer fleet managers a bespoke service. Your account manager will learn everything there is to know about your business and provide the fuel cards and resources that are best for you; saving you time, unnecessary stress, as well as money and they are only a phone call away.

If you prefer to manage your account digitally, our Fuelmate online portal gives you complete control of your fleets’ usage and spend. You can use our state-of-art journey planner to find the most cost-effective routes for your drivers, showing you your fuel price at each fuel station along your chosen route. You can also download and view your invoices, view transactions, and manage your cards. We can help you get the best from your fleet management service experience by offering advice and training on how to get the most from our online portal. Get in touch today!

Benefits of BP Fuel Cards

A BP card provides you access to the best quality fuel sites and the opportunity to enable savings for your business based on their tailored pricing models. We have a selection of three BP fuel cards to choose from based on your business needs.

All BP fuel cards are mobile payment-enabled, meaning your drivers can choose to pay for their fuel (at participating sites) in the comfort of their vehicle. How? By downloading the BPme app and registering their fuel card.

Drivers remain in their vehicle when entering their mileage, ensuring that important fleet transactional data is more accurate. Fraud detection and security measures are the same as a physical BP fuel card, providing vigilant protection for your business.

As a BP fuel card UK holder, you can become part of BP’s exclusive loyalty programme, BPme Rewards. This is one of our favourite benefits of using a BP fuel card. Simply pick up a BPme Rewards card from any BP fuel station or sign up via the BPme app. You’ll be able to start earning points on qualifying BP transactions. These include your fuel purchase, or when you buy items in store, such as your coffee!

Once you’ve earned your points, you can redeem them on fuel or shop purchases or save them up in exchange for a variety of products in the BPme rewards catalogue. Your points can also be swapped for vouchers at participating retailers such as, Marks & Spencer and Love2Shop.

The BP Plus Bunker Fuel Card

The BP Plus Bunker card offers access to BP’s vast national network of fuelling stations and is perfect for fleets that include larger vehicles such as HGVs and buses.

Accepted at over 1,200 BP fuel stations nationwide, including over 600 BP bunker sites, which are tailor made for larger vehicles. Equipped with higher canopies and high-speed diesel pumps, these fuelling stations are strategically located across the UK’s Motorway and A-road network, ensuring your vehicles are on track, and benefiting from the most cost-effective rates.

The BP Plus bunker card can be used for a variety of fleet types but is best suited for mixed fleets containing large vehicles who would benefit from accessing BP’s vast UK motorway and A road bunker network.

BP Plus Bunker Fuel Card Benefits:

A list of benefits of the BP PLus Bunker Fuel Card for you and for your drivers.

"We have been supplied BP cards with Fuelmate for a number of years, they are always competitively priced, providing a great and flexible service. Easy to access your own account at any time to monitor fuel card drawings and your own account manager to deal with any questions that may arise.”

PD Bannister, Fuelmate BP Bunker Customer

The BP List Fuel Card

The BP List fuel card is best for fleets operating both petrol and diesel vehicles that require flexibility on where they can top up. The BP Plus List card benefits from an unrivalled national coverage, offering access to both BP and cross acceptance at BP’s third-party partner network, including: Esso, Texaco and Gulf. The BP List card can be used for both petrol or diesel, offering your fleet far-reaching and comprehensive coverage on motorways, cities and town centres.

As well as this wide scope, the BP List card also provides you with a fixed weekly price across the entire nationwide network which is emailed to you ahead of time so you are always in control. This means that, with fuel prices on the rise, you could be regularly saving money.

Both the extensive coverage and the cost-effective fixed price rate make the BP List fuel card a great choice for varied fleets with a range of different fuelling and travelling requirements.

BP List Card Benefits:

BP list card benefits for you and your drivers.

"I have worked with Fuelmate for two years now. They are very helpful and quick to respond to any of my emails and calls. They are polite and provide a user-friendly service; where all our business fuel use can be monitored, via our weekly invoices. Working in a busy contracts office, it’s crucial to have a reliable supply chain; Fuelmate and our Account Manager Dan Hall is exactly that. Would definitely recommend these guys. The BP card also provides us with great national coverage.”

GW Power Ltd, Fuelmate BP List Customer

The BP Plus Fuel Card

The BP Plus fuel card provides your drivers access to over 3,400 sites across the UK, including Esso, Texaco and Gulf. Access to BP’s vast network of branded and partner sites enables your fleet to run optimally by reducing the need for potentially costly detours. We will keep your drivers on track, ensuring you’re able to provide your partners with the best possible service.

This card also offers a pump-based payment system as opposed to a fixed weekly rate. This means it works best for fleets of all sizes with both diesel and petrol vehicles that require extensive coverage. This card can be better for fleets that require a higher level of price transparency.

BP Plus Card Benefits:

List of benefits of BP plus fuel card for you and your drivers.

‘’We at Il Fornaio Ltd would like to express how very happy we are with the services from Fuelmate.

Our account has been running efficiently for over 8 years. Our BP Plus fuel card provides us with clear pricing and excellent national coverage. Our account manager Tracey Easton has always been very helpful and prompt with all our request.’’

II Fornaio, Fuelmate BP Plus Customer


Fleetmate telematics can help you take more control of your fleet and its spend. We offer a tracking and vehicle management solution that fully covers all of your fleet management needs. By tracking your fleet’s data, such as their location and fuel consumption, you can see where your fleet may be losing money, efficiency and productivity, giving you the insight needed to make decisions for fleet improvement.

Some of the key features and benefits of Fleetmate telematics are:

  • Driver behaviour insights,
  • Asset management and tracking,
  • Anti-theft and security,
  • A ‘walk around’ vehicle checks app,
  • Defect capture and reporting dashboard,
  • Hard wired or self-install devices,
  • Supporting driver app for business and personal mileage.

Overall, our range of BP fuel cards is varied enough to include an option for every type of fleet. If you are not sure which is best for you, why not give us a call today and let our team of fuel card and services experts find the best solution for you.


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