Where Can I Use My Texaco Fuel Card?

For those who consider coverage one of their primary concerns, our Texaco fuel card is one of our top recommendations.

With the current rising prices in fuel, those who have never used fuel cards are beginning to consider them as an option for saving time and saving money. However, fleet managers often worry that opting for a fuel card will limit the fuel stations available to their drivers. This makes coverage a key factor to consider when selecting a fuel card.

So, where can you use a Texaco fuel card?

With our Texaco Fastfuel solution, not only do you get access to Texaco sites, but you also get access to the entire UK Fuels network. This gives your fleet coverage at over 3,000 sites nationwide. The Texaco fuel cards offers particularly strong coverage throughout London, South Yorkshire, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

If you want to check which included fuel stations are available in a certain area, you use our garage locator and select Texaco to see if this card would be a good fit for you. If you’re still unsure, you can give us a call for tailored advice.

Benefits of the Texaco Fuel Card

For those interested in using business fuel cards, our Texaco Fastfuel card is a superb choice that offers top benefits, such as:

● Coverage at over 3,000 sites across the UK, including Texaco and the UK Fuels network.

● A fixed weekly rate when topping up at Texaco or UK fuels sites. This fixed weekly rate is often at a discount when compared to the national average and allows you to plan your fleet’s weekly fuel spend accurately despite rising fuel costs.

● Both diesel and unleaded are available at this fixed weekly rate.

● The Texaco Fastfuel card can also be used to top up at select supermarket sites if required. At Tesco forecourts, this will charge the pump price and an additional £0.02 per litre for purchases, at Morrisons this would charge £0.0125 per litre above your fixed weekly rate. If you find that your fleet uses Supermarket forecourts regularly and you do not want to accrue extra charges, our supermarket fuel card would be a good option for you.

● If your drivers use this card to top up at Tesco, they can collect Clubcard points with each purchase.

● For extra security, the Texaco fuel card is restricted to the purchase of fuel-related items only, such as diesel, unleaded, lubricants, or AdBlue.

● With Texaco fuel cards from Fuelmate, you will get your own dedicated account manager, meaning that’ll you’ll receive a business partner who will learn your company and its needs inside out and make sure you get the best service.

● Our online portal offers you access to your dashboard, giving you live and detailed reports on your fleet’s fuel usage, with invoices available for download 24/7.

HMRC compliant invoices with advanced reporting, currently including summaries of spending by fuel location, card usage, products, and cost centres. We also have an update to our reporting on the way, which will offer more advanced CO2 usage tracking, helping you track your business’s carbon output.

If you are looking for a fuel card that offers extensive access to a large UK network of refuelling locations, the Texaco Fastfuel card may be the perfect option for you. Why not get in touch for free advice on if this card would be the right fit for you? If you would like more advice on fuel cards and fleet management solutions, make sure to keep up to date with our blog or read our complete guide to fuel cards.


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