Where Can I Use my Fuel Card in the UK?

With so many fuel card locations and options out there, a common question is ‘where can you use UK fuel cards?’. It’s important for your fleet and users of fuelcards, to know where they can be used to avoid breakdowns and expense.

Where you use your fuel card depends on the type of vehicles your fleet drives and where your vehicles drive. For example, you may just want localised coverage or national access, depending on where business takes you. You may already know what kind of coverage your fleet needs, but we would recommend an audit from your fuel card provider to help you be sure you have the correct coverage for your needs.

You may also need a full UK coverage fuel card. As well as having control over where you can use your cards geographically, you can also choose the types of fuel stations to use them at.

1. Supermarkets and Inner City

If your fleet mostly consists of cars or vans and completes inner-city journeys, a supermarket fuel card could be the ideal solution for your fleet. Certain providers also allow you to collect supermarket points with a supermarket fuel card, which is a potential bonus.

For inner-city fuel stations that aren’t supermarkets, you can choose a fuel card that allows you to use independent fuel stations based on networks.

Supermarket petrol station at night time with cars pulled up to use the pumps.

2. Motorways

Drivers using mostly motorways and A-roads will need a card that has locations based around these roads, this includes services. You can choose a card to include these roads to make it easier for your fleets to refill mid-journey.

Aerial view of cars on a motorway
A motorway lit up by car lights in the evening

For haulage fleets relying on HGV sites, a fuel card with access to HGV fuel stations is the optimal solution. Especially, if you’re looking for time savers when there’s a delivery deadline to meet. The HGV sites are strategically placed on major trunk roads, such as A-roads and motorways, for ultimate convenience.

Which Fuel Networks Can I Use in the UK?

Of course, the locations you can use your fuel cards depend on the networks you have activated on your fuel card. Generally, the main networks fuel cards offer are:

However, it’s worth checking if your fuel card provider will give you access to a combination of specific networks on one card, or all of them if you depend on independent or motorway fuel stations to fill up. These are sometimes called flexi fuel cards and give you more control over where your drivers can use their cards.

A person's arm using a petrol pump to fill up their car.

How Can I Find out Where My Nearest Fuel Station is?

If you do decide on a specific network, your drivers won’t always automatically know where the next fuel station is, especially if they are travelling in an unfamiliar part of the country.

Fuelmate offers a garage locator app or website service for your drivers to use as a GPS to locate the nearest fuel station compatible with their fuel card.

The Next Steps

To learn more about fuel cards and what they can do for your business, see what benefits fuel cards have to offer and how fuel cards work for employees.


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