What are your worst driving habits?

Whether it’s singing at the top of your voice or not indicating until the last minute, we all have bad habits that will annoy and frustrate car passengers or fellow road users. What are yours?

We have spoken to some of the Fuelmate team and asked what most annoys them about their partners, family or friends driving skills. These are the top 10 answers we received.

1/ Last minute lane changes

2/ Accelerating to beat the red light

3/ Hogging the middle lane

4/ Tailgating

5/ Road rage and excessive horn blowing

6/ Undertaking

7/ Failing to merge lanes until the last minute

8/ Leaving empty food containers for weeks on end

9/ Riding the clutch

10/ Testing how far they can drive on an empty tank

If you’d attempted many of these during your driving test you would in fact have failed, so how soon after passing do these habits start to creep into our daily car journeys? We all think we’re perfect drivers, but it’s not until a passenger points out our faults that we realise we’ve taken on the bad habits that infuriate us about other drivers.

The majority of driver could be guilty of at least one of these due to laziness, busy lives or simply to combat the bad habits of other drivers. It’s up to you to start setting the example to try to eliminate these from your daily commute and hopefully, others will follow suit.


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