Visit Fuelmate’s new headquarters: Developed with staff in mind

At Fuelmate, taking care of staff wellbeing is one of our key values. Our company is centred on the belief that a happy and strong team with a good work-life balance will always lead the way in service and results.

As a proud member of the J.R. Rix & Sons group of companies, we undertook a big move last year to take our work environment to the next level. We moved within Hull from our previous site on Spyvee Street to our exciting new location at Two Humber Quays on Wellington Street West.

This is an innovative space that allows our team to work creatively and collaboratively. It also means there’s a premium space for any visitors coming to the site. Why not book a meeting and see for yourself?


Based on the marina in the heart of Hull City Centre, our new location gives us a chance to, not only revel in the most picturesque area of the city but to put our team right at the heart of Hull’s social and cultural hub. We’re a stone’s throw away from the thriving area of Humber Street, where there’s no shortage of shops; bars, and restaurants; as well as art and crafts venues.

The history of the J.R. Rix & Sons group also makes this marina-side location a return of sorts, with the group originating as a shipbuilding business in 1873, under founder Robert Rix.

The J.R. Rix & Sons stakeholders made a significant investment in the site itself, and after the acquisition of the space last year, began working with Chameleon Business Interiors to develop a workplace focused on strengthening and maintaining staff wellbeing.

When we moved into the site at the end of 2021, there was an overlap with the work at home advice from the government due to an increase in infections of COVID-19. As such, the introduction to the new site was more phased than we initially planned, with many staff members working from home. However, when the restrictions lifted and everyone returned to the office, they made their way to our brand-new headquarters. It was then that we saw the results of what we’d been working to build for so long: a hub of connectivity that would bring the group together.

Communal area

When developing our workspace, our ethos was to keep the design community-based and flexible. We wanted to give the staff the ability to communicate and connect face-to-face that they’d previously missed out on. As such, our offices consist of large, light, open-plan workspaces. We’ve heard constant feedback from staff since the move about how this has brought them closer to departments that they previously would have had little to no interaction with.

Open plan office

There is also still the option for an enclosed workspace if needed. Throughout the site, there are solo seating areas, soundproof booths, breakout spaces with whiteboards, and meeting rooms, including our innovation hub. These give staff the option of working at their desk or going somewhere more private. For example, if they need to take a phone call, have a silent working period, or meet with suppliers or clients.


However, there’s more to these investments than just the obvious design choices. We’ve also made sure that our staff are safe and comfortable with our state-of-the-art air filtration and temperature system as well as many other finer details.


Our ground floor contains a flexible café area: the social hub of the building. This can be used for breaks, catching up with colleagues, meetings, and the furniture can even be cleared away for an event. The Fuelmate sales team uses one of the meeting rooms in this area for our daily catch-up, and you may recognise the café area from our photo of the recent collection for Ukraine!


We know that exercise and mental health are intrinsically linked, and we wanted to give our staff the means to take care of themselves after an unprecedented couple of years. As a result, we’ve also included a dedicated gym, which contains a variety of equipment that’s free for all staff to use.

Fuelmate's Gym
Our New Gym

The Fuelmate team ourselves are based on the second floor in our own lovely open plan office area which overlooks the marina. As well as our desks, we have our own booths and sitting areas, as well as a nearby auditorium-style meeting room which is perfect for presentations. There’s also, of course, a handy kitchen area which is currently working away at producing a frankly huge level of tea and coffee.

We’re proud of our new location and are delighted to be investing in our staff.

Second Floor

“Our new building offers a state-of-the-art contemporary and versatile workspace in an enviable location within a vibrant part of the city.

With people at the heart of its design, it will ensure we have a desirable workplace to retain and attract talent as Fuelmate strengthens its position as one of the largest independent fuel card providers in the UK.”

Andy Smith, Managing Director

On the third floor, we have our largest and most impressive meeting rooms. This space can either be a large conference room or split into two smaller spaces. These meeting rooms have their own dedicated kitchen area which makes this space perfect for entertaining visitors and showing off our amazing views.

Conference Room
Third Floor

Although this is the most deluxe meeting room, our new location provides plenty of space for meetings and visitors so, if your fuel card contract is coming up for renewal, why not book a meeting with us? Not only would this give you the chance to see our new site in person, but we also offer a free invoice analysis of your fuel spend and consultations on what we can do for you. Get in touch with us today!


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