Understanding the Fuel Card Online Application Process

Before beginning the fuel card online application process, you might wish to read our previous blog post, answering the question ‘can anyone apply for a fuel card?’. The fuel card online application varies between providers, but generally, the same details are required across the board.

To help with the fuel card online application process, let’s break down the steps.

Step 1 - Fuel Card Apply Online Questions

Typically, you’ll be asked to input the following information:

  • Your name and contact details
  • The registered company name you’re applying on behalf of

As fuel cards are generally only distributed to companies, rather than individuals, fuel card providers need to perform some checks around the company. This is why the exact registered name is important. If you’re concerned about the prospect of a credit check, please read our blog post on how fuel card credit checking works.

  • Your company’s monthly fuel spend

To help you find the best fuel card for your business, you’ll be asked to provide a figure reflecting your company’s monthly fuel spend. This will allow the fuel card provider to make sure the card you choose meets your company’s fuel needs and ensures you are taking advantage of the savings you could benefit from.

  • The company’s business type

This is useful information as it gives the fuel card provider more insight into whether you are catering to just a few drivers or a large fleet as well as the distances and vehicles your company will need fuel cards for.

Step 2 – Choosing a Card

After you’ve provided your personal details, you will be given the option to select the card you wish to apply for. The list will be similar to the one below, so it helps if you already have an idea of which fuel card you’re looking for to successfully navigate the options. If you’re not sure, a fuel card comparison tool can point you in the right direction. We’ll also give you some pointers here:

  • For Haulage

The BP Plus Bunker fuel card is a great fuel card for HGVs, as is the Esso Truck fuel card and euroShell CRT

  • For Cars, Vans and LCVs

Not only can the BP Plus fuel card be used 24 hours but it also collects BPme Rewards as does the BP Plus List which is accepted at more than 3000 sites, both 24-hour and motorway sites. If you’d prefer to collect Tesco Clubcard or Nectar points, the Esso Card fuel card may be more suited to you. The euroShell Fleet is great for fleets of cars and vans and the euroShell Multi Fuel fuel card has excellent motorway coverage, as well as accepting Morrison’s sites. For a card that can be used at core sites as well as supermarket sites, look into the UK Fuels card. The Fuelmate Supermarket fuel card is accepted at all Tesco, Morrisons, and Sainsbury’s sites in the UK collect reward points and can also be used to buy car wash.

  • For Flexibility

Our most flexible fuel card is the Fuelmate Flexi-pay card which gives you access to fixed weekly diesel pricing, savings, flexible top-up options, and over 2000 sites across the UK. A Keyfuels fuel card is also a flexible option, with access to filling stations close to major roads.

  • For Mixed Fleets and Mixed Fuel Types

For access to mixed fleets and fuel types, you might find the Texaco Fastfuel card is right for you. Additionally, the BP list has access to unleaded fuel at a fixed price.

National Network of Fuel Card Locations

Processing Time

Once you’ve submitted the information and have selected your chosen fuel card, your fuel card online application will be processed by our applications team. While you wait for your application to be approved and for your cards to be dispatched, find out why a fuel card will save you money, discover the three time savers a fuel card provides, and learn how to review usage of fuel cards.

There is also a wealth of information in our complete guide to fuel cards.


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