Telematics: Top 6 Benefits for your Business

Fleet data and analytics
are an invaluable advantage when it comes to improving your fleet’s efficiency and planning for the future. The most recognised technology for collecting fleet data is telematics, which lets you see real-time information about fuel use, driver behaviour, and much more.

Here are the top 6 ways that telematics can benefit your business:

What are the benefits of telematics?

1. Increased fleet efficiency:

Telematics enables fleet managers to collect extensive data including tracking their vehicles, obtaining journey history, and driver time sheets. With this data, you can map out your fleet’s movements effectively and work with staff to minimise operational downtime.

2. Reduced fuel costs and operational expense:

Drivers with bad habits, such as harsh breaking or driving in the wrong gears, can cost your company in unnecessary fuel usage. On our telematics dashboard, you can see reports on speeding, harsh breaking, and harsh cornering. By monitoring driver behaviour, you can improve the cost-effectiveness of your fleet and optimise routes which will save your business both time and money.

A common practice is to apply gamification to the data fed back to you by telematics. By adding a contest element for you drivers with potential incentives, you will encourage a culture of safe driving at the same time as bringing a fun competition into the work place.

3. Optimised maintenance scheduling:

With telematics, you will be alerted remotely and in good time of any recurring maintenance needs, such as oil changes or service requirements. You will also be sent alerts of any fault codes for vehicle issues that may later develop into breakdowns.

These are problems that would normally take vehicles off the road for an extended period, which is minimised with prompt response or planning.

4. Increased security and driver safety:

One of the main concerns of managing a fleet is ensuring driver safety and asset security, both of which can be difficult to keep tabs on if drivers are on the road alone. With telematics, you can track your vehicles’ locations at any time and monitor any incidents that should occur. You can coach your drivers on safer driving habits, find vehicles in case of emergencies, and monitor your fleet’s health and safety performance.

In the case of theft, this tracking increases the possibility of retrieving stolen vehicles, stock, or equipment from thieves. The evidence collected can then further assist in the cases of any prosecutions.

5. Legal protection:

In the event of an accident or collision involving another driver, having accurate data with which to use as evidence in any legal proceedings is a huge benefit for fleet managers. As well as the data from tracking, we also provide 360 “wrap around” cameras as part of our Vision and Pro packages, which can be used to get a clearer picture of events. There’s the obvious benefit of this saving the company in damages and legal fees, but it can also save you in terms of your insurance premiums, so is a huge benefit.

6. Carbon reduction:

By encouraging safer and more fuel conscious driving, you are also promoting more environmentally friendly driving habits. Being aware of your company’s carbon reduction plan and being able to display, through data, how your fleet is being aware and proactive, is a huge plus to many customers in the current market.

With Fleetmate telematics, we offer multiple packages so you can choose the features that appeal the most to you. As part of our most comprehensive pro package, you will benefit from all of our features. To find out which package is best for you, call our team today and let us help you with your fleet requirements.


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