The BP fuel cards get a makeover

Just in time for the Fleet Show 2017, BP has launched a new fuel card design for its BP Plus and BP Plus Bunker fuel cards.

The refresh, which went live on Tuesday 9th May 2017, sees BP align its fuel card offering to the new look and feel found in its retail business.

All new BP fuel card customers will be issued with the new card, and existing customers will receive them once their current cards expire or a new one is ordered.

These are exciting times for BP fuel cards as the rebranding follows the recent reciprocal acceptance agreement with Esso, which sees its BP Plus network grow to over 3,000 filling stations nationwide thanks to the addition of more than 630 Esso forecourts. Esso branded sites that accept the card will display the cross acceptance logo which is now added to the new card (pictured below).

The BP Plus fuel card is perfect for fleets of cars and vans looking to access sites across the UK thanks to the cross acceptance with Esso and other fuel networks such as Texaco and Gulf.

A BP fuel card customer has access to over 900 sites on UK A roads, 700 24 hour sites, 69 motorway sites, and 600 bunker sites which feature extra high canopies, high speed pumps, driver amenities and dedicated truck lanes.

If you would like to learn more about the BP Plus or BP Plus Bunker fuel networks please get in touch today and speak to one of our friendly experts.


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