Motorway service stations in England to display fuel prices in Highways trial

The Highways agency in England is going to run a trial with new electronic signs which will display fuel prices to motorists in a bid to reduce their fuel costs.

The initial trial will take place on a section of the M5, between Bristol and Exeter. There will be five motorway service stations taking part in the trial.

Based on the results of the trial, the Highways agency will then consider whether or not to roll the scheme out nationally.

In a world where consumers are better informed than ever before, it is likely to be a move welcomed by motorists. The visibility of the fuel prices on the motorway is likely to help drivers make more educated decisions where to fill up and thus boost competition on motorway fuel prices.

Roads Minister Andrew Jones said: “The Government is on the side of the honest motorist who have raised concerns for too long about petrol prices at motorway service stations. This trial will allow drivers to be much better informed about the cost of fuel and make it easier to plan their breaks around the cheapest deals.”

Chief Highways Engineer at Highways England, Mike Wilson added: “Providing fuel price information is an important part of a bigger picture – we want road users to be more informed and in better control of their journeys. This means they’ll be better prepared, more inclined to plan breaks and have a positive driving experience.”

The trial will run until the end of 2017 and will be continually assessed by the highways agency for its effect on fuel prices and of course road safety. Learn more about saving money with fuel cards on our blog.


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