How to Review Fuel Card Usage

As a business, there are multiple benefits of using fuel cards, with one of the main benefits being efficiency, with fuel cards saving businesses substantial admin time. However, in order for a business to benefit the most from their fuel cards, understanding and reviewing activity on fuel cards so you are able to make changes and adjustments accordingly, is essential. In this post, we will talk you through how you can review usage on company fuel cards, including online account management, individual driver transactions and overall fleet behaviour.

Online account management

Your online portal is your gateway to viewing metrics, reviewing spend and managing fuel cards in general as a fleet manager or business owner. Using an online portal means you can get this information on demand, reviewing spend and usage whenever is best for the business.

Summaries sent directly to you

In addition, you could even use the invoices which are sent to you via email per month as a way of tracking spend and monitoring fluctuations. Your fuel card provider will usually send you transaction reports, highlighting the miles travelled by your fleet and the fuel spend. If you compare this with the average MPG of your fleet vehicles, it will give you a clear indication of how efficiently your fleet is operating over a period of time.

fuel card usage card on computer

Individual usage

As well as gaining insight into your fleet’s efficiency, you can also review individual driver’s habits. Individual fuel card transactions are logged against accounts, along with it all the fuel and mileage information. So, if your company has fuel cards assigned specifically to drivers, you will be able to see the activity of each driver. For more information on how fuel cards can work in terms of them being assigned to vehicles and individuals within the business, please read our complete guide to fuel cards.

Time for a change?

One of the great positives of being able to review both fleet and individual driver usage and habits is that it could spark a change that could benefit the company for years to come. It can be the simplest and smallest of changes that can make a real difference to the overall efficiency of a business. Furthermore, easy access to driver behaviour can make trying new routes and methods much less daunting for all involved. With statistics to refer to, everyone can be happy with the reasoning behind wanting to try something new that can benefit drivers and managers alike.

Fuel card providers generally have numerous tools alongside an online management system that can help you improve efficiency in your business. For example, a garage locator is a great way to discover new filling routes for drivers to make journeys shorter and more efficient. To discover a network that works best for your fleet, compare our fuel cards and unlock the benefits fuel cards bring for your business.


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