Have you heard about Journey Track?

We are extremely proud to be the exclusive partner of Journey Track, the new Mileage Capture software solution that will allow companies of all sizes to efficiently manage their fuel and mileage expenses.

Whether you're a sole trader with one vehicle or a business operating a large fleet of vehicles, mileage capture and fuel costs can cause a lot of worries and take up a lot of your time, which can hold you back from running your business.

Journey Track LITE

Perfect for a sole trader with one vehicle or a small business operating a few vehicles, the LITE version allows you to manage fuel spend and journey history, view reports on journey history and authorises submitted journeys.

Journey Track PRO

This is the ideal solution for companies who either own or lease their company car fleet. Registered users will benefit from all of the LITE features as well as a real-time map, vehicle and driver performance reports, photo receipts and cost centre management.

Working exclusively with Journey Track will allow us to offer our customers fuel card solutions across all the major networks - including, BP, Shell, Esso, UK Fuels - and integrate the drawing data into the management and mileage capture dashboard. This will lead to even greater visibility about your driver’s and fleet’s fuel spend whilst also ensuring your employee's mileage expenses and journey details are HMRC compliant.

For more information about Journey Track, please call our specialist fuel card experts on 0800 158 3582 or visit the website


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