Fuelmate launch Garage Locator APP for iOS and Android

We’re pleased to inform you that we have recently developed a fuel station location App which will allow your staff to find fuel stations throughout the UK that will accept their fuel card. It will also provide directions on how to get there based on their GPS location.

The App supports fuel station searches for BP Bunker, BP Plus, Keyfuels, UK fuels, Esso, Shell Fleet, Shell CRT and Texaco fuel card networks. A user can search for all the fuel card networks or filter by specific network at locations based on their GPS location or by searching for Town or Postcode.

Users can also additionally filter their search results by:

  • HGV Friendly fuel stations
  • Geo radius
  • Units of measure in Miles or Kilometers
  • 24 hour only fuel stations
  • Display Map or List view

This app supports iOS and Android devices and is free to download from the Apple ITunes store and from Google Play.


Trusted UK fuel card supplier

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