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As a fleet manager, when looking at fuel solutions, fuel cards are a great option for many reasons. They can often offer discounted rates, make tracking your fleet’s fuel usage easy and convenient, and, what’s more, many fuel cards also provide the opportunity for drivers to earn rewards.

Considering rewards for your drivers when choosing a fuel card is a fantastic way to show your fleet that you are keeping them in mind. Previously, we’ve discussed Esso’s partnership with Nectar, but this isn’t the only option if you want to give your drivers the chance to earn points while they’re on the road. If you use the BP Plus fuel card, the BPme rewards app is an excellent way of making your fleet’s lives easier whilst also offering driver rewards.

What is the BPme app?

The BPme app was the first mobile fuel payment app in the UK to allow fleets to connect a fuel card. As such, the BPme app saves your drivers crucial time, making their lives on the road easier. After your drivers have connected their BP Plus fuel card to the BPme app, they can use it to:

• Make cashless purchases. You can even add your fuel card to your Apple Wallet or Google Pass.

• Buy fuel even if they have forgotten their fuel card.

• Record every fuel transaction, ready for the fleet manager or administrator.

• Accurately log their mileage while still in their vehicle.

What are BPme rewards?

The BPme app also allows your drivers to collect reward points with every purchase. Your drivers can then redeem these points for a wide selection of gifts or discounts and use the app to access a wide range of personalised offers.
They can earn:

• One point for every litre of regular fuel they buy from participating sites.
• Two points for every litre of BP’s Ultimate branded premium fuel they buy.
• One point for every pound they spend in BP shops.

The points balance is easy to track on the app. Drivers can use their collected points for rewards:

• when purchasing fuel

• when buying items in BP service stations (such as snacks during a day on the road)

• in exchange for gifts in the BPme scheme’s gift catalogue

• in exchange for gift cards for various retailers including M&S, Amazon, Love2Shop, or Virgin Wines.

For just signing up, drivers will get 500 points, which is worth £2.50!

If on the scheme and using a BP Plus card, drivers won’t be able to earn points at third-party service stations or non-participating stores connected to BP service stations, such as supermarkets. It is worth noting that the BPme rewards scheme is only available for the BP Plus fuel card and not the BP Bunker card.

If you would like to know more about the BPme reward scheme, or you already have a BP Plus fuel card and would like advice on how to get started, get in touch with our team today!


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