Do You Need Full UK Coverage Fuel Card?

Find out if your Fleet needs a Full UK Coverage Fuel Card with our Fuelmate Audit

In a previous blog, we talked about how hidden costs charged by unethical fuel card providers can drive up the price per litre by a significant margin.

With lots of hidden costs to watch out for, fleet operators could be paying tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds over the odds for the fuel they buy.

But hidden costs are not the only thing that could be leaving you out of pocket. Another trick of the industry is to convince fleet operators they need a full UK coverage fuel card, and charge them a premium for it.

They get away with this by sounding plausible; after all, it makes sense that a national fleet needs national coverage, and without a lot of digging it’s also very difficult to disprove.

Most Don’t Need A Fuel Card With UK-Wide Coverage

Our fuel card audit tells a very different story, however. We have audited many local, regional and national fleets and discovered that the vast majority do not need fuel cards that are accepted at every filling station in the UK.

In fact, based on our experience, we would go so far as to say up to 90% of the businesses we’ve audited don’t benefit from a UK coverage fuel card, and could save as much as 20% on their annual fuel bill by switching to cards better tailored to their requirements.

Fuel Card Audit Brings Clarity To Your Needs

The Fuelmate audit analyses driver behaviour to discover how they really fill up, then models a solution based on this. We also shine a bright light on the murky world of fuel spend, to show you how much you could save.

To carry out the audit, we require a minimum of four weeks of data about your fuel use, which should be available via invoice reports from your supplier customer portal, in either a CSV or Excel file.

Once we’ve received this, we then analyse the data in terms of forecourt locations, fuel volumes, price and network. We look at driver behaviour to identify any trends and use this information to build a complete picture of how your fleet operates.

We also look at ancillary spend, such as car washes, maintenance products and fuel additives, and include this in our calculations if necessary.

Truly Bespoke Solution Fuel Card Solution

Only when we fully understand how your fleet works can we start to build a truly bespoke solution based around the level of forecourt coverage you actually need, rather than the UK wide coverage your current supplier says you need.

Often, our audit reveals how businesses can make double-digit percentage savings on their bill – potentially the equivalent of several weeks of fuel spend – by getting rid of UK coverage fuel cards, rooting out hidden costs and matching a better solution to their fuel usage profile.

We provide comprehensive proof of this in a detailed report that looks at your real coverage requirements and how much you could save.

Then, we hand that report over to you, free of charge, for you to do with whatever you like.

No Obligation

Our fuel audit is free of charge, risk-free, and comes with no obligation to switch fuel card providers. What it does do, however, is provide complete transparency to your fuel use, driver filling routines and spend.

So, if you want to find out exactly how much you could save compared with your current arrangement, get in touch. Let our expert analysts create the best fit solution for your fleet and find out how much more efficient your business could be by ditching that expensive UK coverage fuel card.


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