Choosing Which Fuel Card Is Best For You And Your Business

When faced with the task of determining the best fuel card for your business, it may initially appear straightforward. After all, fuel cards seemingly offer similar functionalities.

However, there are a number of factors to think about while selecting the ideal fuel card that perfectly aligns with your business needs, guaranteeing optimal value.

In this helpful resource from Fuelmate, we highlight the seven most crucial considerations that demand your attention when making this critical decision.

Different factors to consider when deciding which fuel card is best for you

Let’s examine the different factors to consider when deciding which fuel card option best suits your needs:

1. The location of your business

Where your business is based is one of the most important factors in deciding which fuel card is the best one for you. This is because the mix of branded fuel stations is different across every town and city in the UK. Achieving the optimum coverage for your fleet, therefore, means analysing which brands are most common in your area. This might be BP, Shell, Texaco, or even a supermarket brand.

For example, Leicester has a high density of BP and Texaco sites within a one mile radius of the city centre. If your business is based there, it would make little sense to equip your fleet with a card only accepted at Shell stations.

Knowing the makeup of service stations around your business location is key in identifying the best fuel card. It ensures your drivers can fill up as close to your depot as possible on their way out or on their return.

2. How your drivers behave

Extensive analysis of our customer data has demonstrated one thing above all others; drivers are creatures of habit. They return to the same filling stations time and again.

Understanding your drivers' behaviour is a key factor in the decision-making process. By delving into the patterns of their fueling habits, we gain valuable insights into their preferences and the locations they frequent.

3. Understanding where your fleet is doing its miles

The location of your business serves as a crucial factor when considering which fuel card to select. However, let us not overlook the importance of where your vehicles are deployed and operate. Do they predominantly stay within a local area, or do they have a broader regional footprint? Perhaps your fleet covers the entirety of the UK?

Understanding the scope of your business operations has a profound impact on identifying the optimal fuel card solution that perfectly aligns with your needs. Hence, it becomes imperative to thoroughly analyse your driver journeys and the availability of various branded service stations in those specific localities.

4. Motorway fuel card coverage or inner city?

Related to point 3, the amount of time your drivers spend on the motorway network will influence which card is best for you. The UK’s motorway network is dominated by BP and Shell, so if your drivers use motorways a lot, it makes sense to have cards that are accepted at one or both of these.

If your fleet commutes between towns and cities via the motorway network, but drivers spend a lot of time actually carrying out their duties in built-up areas, then a mixture of cards could be the best way to go. This will mean they can fill up at a motorway service station with one card, but then use something like a supermarket card in town to benefit from the cheaper price.

5. How price sensitive you are

A card that enables you to shave a penny or two from the pump price will be the best one. Sometimes, however, this can lead to a compromise over coverage, so balancing out these two factors is important.

There are some cards on the market that do give extensive coverage at a low price, though. The UK Fuels card incorporates Tesco and Morrisons, so provides great coverage at the pump price plus a small admin fee.

One to avoid, though, is premium cards providing full UK coverage. Not only do these come with an array of hidden extra costs, few if any businesses really need this degree of coverage.

6. The types of vehicles your business operates

The type of vehicles you operate will have a bearing on which fuel card is best for you. The most obvious is HGVs. If you run HGVs then you can really only consider BP or Shell cards because they are bulk filling stations with high canopies – the only service stations able to accommodate HGVs.

If you have a mixed fleet consisting of cars and vans, there are specific cards available to accommodate this. These tend to have a fixed weekly price which is set on the Friday of the previous week and is in place for the whole of the next week. So, no matter the listed price at the forecourt, you will always pay the fixed weekly price previously agreed.

7. Fuel cards for businesses with no credit or bad credit history

If you are an entirely new business with no credit history but you need a fuel card, don’t worry, we can still help. Our top-up fuel card enables you to load it with credit for your drivers and for them to use it in the same way they would any other fuel card.

This is a great way for new businesses to access all the benefits of a fuel card while at the same time, helping them build a positive credit history.

Which fuel card is the best for you?

We understand that choosing the right fuel card for your business might seem overwhelming at first, but don't worry. Fuelmate is your dedicated partner, ready to simplify the entire process for you.

With our advanced analytic tools and expertise, we have the capability to paint a detailed picture of your fleet and the specific regions in which you operate. Armed with this invaluable information, we can confidently identify the perfect fuel card solution that precisely caters to your unique needs.

At Fuelmate, we take pride in our ability to simplify the decision-making process for you. Our team of experts is committed to guiding you through every step of the way. So, there's no need to navigate this complex terrain alone. Together, we'll find the ideal fuel card that maximises your benefits and optimises your fuel expenses.

Work with Fuelmate today

Get started today by reaching out to us. Let Fuelmate assist your business with the perfect fuel card solution tailored just for you. Experience the ease and efficiency of managing your fuel expenses with confidence and precision. Contact us now and start saving today.


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