Benefits of a Shell Fuel Card

Shell are one of the most popular fuel providers on the market, offering a range of quality fuels. But what are the main benefits of a Shell fuel card for fleet managers? There are a variety of advantages that you may not be aware of even if you are currently using a Shell fuel card.

With Fuelmate, these include customer focused fuel card options, national fuel station coverage, weekly fixed rates, security and fraud prevention, and loyalty benefits. As well as finding you the best fuel cards for your fleet, we also want to help keep you informed about fuel cards, how they work, and how they can work for you. To help you get the most out of your cards, we’ve laid out the top Shell fuel card benefits below.

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Shell Fuel Card Benefits

  1. Options for every fleet size

Our range of Shell fuel cards includes an option for every fleet size, starting with the Shell Prime fuel card, which is best used for fleets operating a range of vehicle sizes and fuel types. It can be used to purchase unleaded, diesel or other liquid fuels and also for hybrid and electric vehicles.

We also offer the Shell CRT fuel card. CRT stands for Commercial Road Transport, a name which is indicative of this fuel card being best utilised by fleets operating HGV, coaches, trucks or other large vehicles that need access to a vast range of Shell bunker sites across the UK.

Both of these Shell fuel cards offer benefits, including a fixed discounted weekly price at hundreds of core locations, with the option to also purchase at non-core locations for a slightly higher amount per litre, which still remains below the national average. The Shell Prime fuel card offers this fixed weekly rate for both diesel and unleaded fuel.

The Shell Fleet 2 fuel card offers extensive coverage and is accepted at over 3,500 fuel stations. The discounted price for this card is applied to non-core locations, meaning that your drivers will get the best rate when they top up away from the motorway. This card is best used for fleets with a large number of vans and cars.

To find the best fuel card for you, you can use our online compare fuel cards tool or get in touch with our team, who are always happy to help.

  1. National coverage

As Shell is one of the largest fuel providers in the UK, a Shell fuel card will give you and your fleet extensive national coverage, meaning your drivers will never be without somewhere to refuel. This is one of the most important Shell fleet card benefits. Our range of Shell fleet cards include options that are custom made for HGV or more mixed fleets. These will give you use of over 1,100 Shell branded fuel stations across the UK and over 2,500 partner fuel stations, which include Esso, Texaco, Morrisons, Gulf, Gleaners and Circle K. To get a detailed sneak peek at what stations your fleet could be using, visit our Garage Locator, which will show you the available locations near an entered postcode.

At Fuelmate, as well as providing a tailored fuel card service, we also work hard to help customers increase their fleet efficiency. With this in mind, with your Fuelmate account, you will be given access to our Journey Planner. Journey planning, particularly national journey planning, is an important part of fleet duty of care which allows you to organise your drivers’ routes in advance with their safety, cost and convenience in mind. Our Journey Planner also provides full visibility of your fuel price at each location across the country.

  1. Fixed weekly rates

Every card in our Shell fuel card range offers a fixed weekly price. The rate is emailed to you every Friday for the following week, so that you are always prepared.

Fixed weekly rates save you and your business money when compared to the usual pump prices that those without fuel cards pay. These savings vary based on the current fuel market, but are consistently significant when compared with the national average for road fuel prices. Having a fixed rate each week allows you to plan for your fleet’s journeys effectively, rather than being caught off guard by a dramatic price increase when your drivers are already on the road.

For up-to-date information on fuel prices and savings, you can get in touch with our team, who will be able to give you advice on the current market.

  1. Quality fuels

Due to being one of the largest providers in the market, Shell can consistently supply vast coverage. The scale of their operation also leads to the development of better fuels. With Shell’s increased ability to research and invest in new and innovative technology, they have a range of fuels that do more than just get your drivers to the next station. Both Shell V-Power (SVP) and Shell FuelSave (SFS) improve the endurance, performance and carbon output of your fleet thanks to the use of additives developed by Shell.

SVP uses Shell’s DYNAFLEX technology, which is designed to clean engines, keeping them running for longer. This leads to greater engine health across your fleet and less money spent on costly breakdowns or new fleet vehicle purchases.

  1. Security and fraud prevention

Both Shell and Fuelmate are committed to providing a high level of security to our customers. With our Shell fuel cards, you can set limits by product, transaction, volume and value, which prevents overspending, fraud, and siphoning. Your 24/7 access to your Fuelmate portal means you can cancel cards whenever needed and track all of your invoices to keep an eye on your fleet.

  1. The Shell Go+ app

The Shell Go+ app is one of our favourite Shell fuel card benefits, saving your drivers time, money, and convenience. The discounts offered with the Shell Go+ will make you popular with your drivers as they will be given a 10% discount on a range of food, including Jamie Oliver’s menu at delibyShell, hot drinks including Costa Express, Shell Helix Motor Oil and Shell Super Shine car or Quick wash. They will also be able to earn rewards, including discounts on fuel prices, with each visit.

At included stations, the app also allows drivers to pay in-app for fuel and for road tollsincluding the M6, saving your drivers from having to leave their vehicles or pay with cash.

Shell Fuel Card
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Why Fuelmate?

Here at Fuelmate, we work hard to ensure we offer fleet managers a bespoke service. Your account manager will learn everything there is to know about your business and provide the fuel cards and resources that are best for you, aiming to save you time, unnecessary stress, and money.

If you prefer to manage your account digitally, our Fuelmate online portal gives you complete control of your fleets’ usage and spend. You can use our state-of-art journey planner to find the most cost-effective routes for your drivers, showing you your fuel price at each fuel station along your chosen route. You can also download and view your invoices, view transactions, and manage your cards. We can help you get the best from your fleet management service experience by offering advice and training on how to get the most from our online portal. Get in touch today!

"Fuelmate provide us with an amazing service for our fuel requirements at very competitive rates. The Shell network provides us with great national coverage."

Thomas Plant Ltd – Shell CRT user

Overall, there are a wide array of benefits to Shell fuel cards that can increase both the cost effectiveness of your fleet and the experience of your drivers and customers.

If you are wanting to learn more about how to get the most out of your fuel cards, you can speak to our team , including your account manager, for up-to-date help and advice and find out if a Shell fuel card is right for you.


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