A Brief Guide to Sainsbury’s Fuel Cards

Although a dedicated Sainsbury’s fuel card doesn’t exist, you can use certain fuel cards at Sainsbury’s petrol stations and even earn Nectar points doing so. If you’re interested in using a fuel card at Sainsbury’s, read our brief guide to learn how it’s done.

Does Sainsbury’s take fuel cards?

Yes – you can use fuel cards at Sainsbury’s fuel stations as an alternative method of payment to debit/credit cards and cash.

There can sometimes be a level of uncertainty regarding fuel cards for supermarket brands such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons etc. These brands don’t actually have their own individual branded fuel cards, meaning a Sainsbury’s fuel card doesn’t physically exist. However, you can still use supermarket fuel cards at Sainsbury’s petrol stations.  

Supermarket fuel cards

Supermarket fuel cards are the type of fuel cards that are used at Sainsbury’s and other large supermarket brands. They can be used at supermarket fuel sites all over the UK. We have a dedicated supermarket fuel card FAQ page if you’d like more insight into this fuel card solution.

Why use a fuel card at Sainsbury's?

1. Easier to track expenses

Using a fuel card at a Sainsbury’s petrol station means that employees won’t have to pay with cash when filling up their vehicle. This is a great fuel card management feature, solving the problem of saving receipts for expenses.

2. Secure

A Sainsbury’s fuel card also makes the whole refuelling process more secure as employees won’t have to carry potentially large amounts of cash to ensure they can pay for their fuel.

3. Affordable

Supermarket fuel cards offer an affordable unleaded and diesel fuel card solution for businesses of any size.

4. Accessible

Businesses operating cars, vans and other LVCs that do the majority of travelling in and around towns and cities benefit from the abundance of supermarket fuel stations, like Sainsbury’s, in these areas.

5. Great for small businesses

Supermarket fuel cards are ideal for smaller businesses due to their pump pricing pay structure and, generally speaking, low card fees.

6. Earn Nectar points

With the right supermarket fuel card and at select garages you can collect Sainsbury’s Nectar points when refuelling your vehicle. Nectar points can be spent on a range of goods and services and at various businesses, including Argos, British Airways, VUE cinema and more.

Deliver driver sat behind the wheel.

Nectar Card Points and Fuel

With certain fuel cards, like the Fuelmate Supermarket Card, you can collect Sainsbury’s Nectar Points and also use it to pay for vehicle washes if required, making things more efficient and beneficial for employees.

Just remember that not all supermarket fuel cards suppliers offer this so make sure you check with suppliers first.

Nectar Petrol Stations

You can collect Nectar points at select petrol stations, namely Sainsbury’s garages and participating Esso garages. To locate Esso and Sainsbury’s petrol stations, you can use our handy garage locator tool and filter garages by brand.

Fuelmate Supermarket Card

The Fuelmate Supermarket Card is a great example of a Sainsbury’s fuel card:

  • It gives you the pump price at all sites in its network which includes over 300 Sainsbury’s sites, over 300 Morrisons sites and over 600 Tesco sites.
  • You can earn Nectar points when refuelling at select stations.
  • You can use it to pay for vehicle washes.
  • It’s affordable – it costs just £9.50 per card and there is a 1% admin charge.
  • There are no hidden fees.
sainsburys fuel card

We hope this guide has answered any questions you may have had about Sainsbury’s fuel cards. If you are completely new to the idea of getting a fuel card and would like to learn more about how supermarket and other fuel cards can benefit your business, then please explore the fuel card guides on our blog or get in touch with a member of our friendly team.


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