10 Questions About Fuel Cards Answered

As you can imagine, the Fuelmate team is asked a lot of questions on a day-to-day basis and a lot of those questions come from prospective, new and existing customers. The team has listed its 10 most-asked questions that may help you make an informed decision on the right fuel card for your business.

Fuel Card FAQs

1. Where can I use fuel cards?
This is a question we are asked often. The simple answer is that it depends on the fuel card you choose. Fuelmate is one of the only fuel card providers that can offer all the major networks; including BP, Shell, Esso, Texaco Fastfuel, UK Fuels, and Keyfuels. One of our team will discuss your driver behaviour and look at the locations you operate to ensure we recommend the best possible card for your business. For more information on where fuel cards are accepted, please refer to our blog post.

2. Are Fuelmate cards suitable for businesses of all sizes?
Yes. Our fuel cards are used by small family-run and large multi-national companies. We don't have a minimum usage limit, so if your company uses fuel, you can use a fuel card. Discover the benefits of fuel cards for businesses here.

3. I’ve heard stories from some companies about hidden surcharges; do you have any extra charges?
At Fuelmate, we believe in being 100% transparent about fees and charges. The only fee that we add is an administration fee to cover the cost of managing your account. This fee is a 0.5% admin fee which is shown on each invoice. Learn more about what to expect from industry fees in our blog post.

4. I’ve not heard of Fuelmate, who are you?
Fuelmate is part of Rix Petroleum, one of the largest family-owned, independent, fuel distributors in the UK. You can find out more about Rix Petroleum by clicking here.

5. What payment terms do you offer?
We have flexible payment terms. We look at your business needs and try to offer terms that suit your requirements.

6. My business uses bulk fuel as well as fuel cards. Do you supply bulk fuel?
Yes, being part of Rix Petroleum enables us to offer bulk fuels such as diesel, gas oil, unleaded, and heating oil. We also supply lubricants, AdBlue and commercial fuel storage tanks. Our depots are located on the East coast of Scotland, the North East, Yorkshire, Shropshire, the Midlands, Lincolnshire, East Anglia, Essex and the West Country.

7. How much do you charge for fuel cards?
We offer a free two-month trial to make sure fuel cards are right for you and your business. After the two-month trial, there is a £9.50 annual fee which is to cover the cost of the actual card. If you don’t feel the fuel cards were right for your business just let us know and we will cancel them for you.

8. Do I have to have vehicle registration numbers embossed on the cards?
No, we can emboss the cards with whatever works best for you and your business. Some companies chose to have individual drivers' names or the business name so it can be used by different employees.

9. What happens if a driver loses their fuel card?
In the unfortunate situation that you lose your fuel card, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible via our customer service number, which is given to you in your welcome pack when you sign up with us. As soon as you notify us of the lost or stolen card, we will have the card stopped. Any transactions that take place after this point would be our responsibility. Our fuel car management features allow you to control your accounts from a dashboard.

10. Why do you run a credit check on my business?
Due to the nature of the product we sell, it’s important we ensure you are receiving a fair and sensible credit limit. We want to make sure that the credit we offer you is in line with your requirements whilst also ensuring that neither party is put at risk. You can find out more about the credit checking process here.

To find out how Fuelmate can help you, call the team on 0800 158 3582 or apply for a card on our website


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