Fuel cards, bunkering fuel or a mix of both?


Keeping company vehicles fueled and on the road throughout the year is a crucial part of running an efficient business fleet and there are many different options available to a fleet manager. The two most popular and effective methods are either fuel cards or fuel bunkering. But every company is different, so which option is best for your business?


Fuel Costs 

The fluctuating cost of petrol, diesel or other fuels is a common occurrence which can have an important impact on your businesses fuel expenditure. A variety of factors can affect the price you pay for your fuel, such as the price of crude oil, gas shortages or alternative fuel sources and new types of vehicles becoming available on the market. Choosing the right fueling option based on the number of vehicles you operate, geography your business covers and your monthly fuel expenditure could lead to saving your business money and valuable time. 


Fuel Cards 

Fuel cards are a quick and convenient way for businesses to pay for fuel bought at roadside fuel stations. Used similarly to a credit card, they enable your drivers to refuel their business vehicle whilst on the road, and enable you to monitor the spending details and pay for the fuel in one payment.

Our interest-free Fuelmate fuel cards give flexibility to business fleets to refuel across any service station around the UK on a monthly payment contract. Fuelmate offers a large choice of networks from leading brands, such as BP, Esso, Shell and UK Fuels. 

Other benefits to consider are: 

  • Fuel monitoring 

We can provide you with monthly reports to help you better manage your fuel consumption. 

  • More control 

Customise your Fuelmate card to specific fuels (Petrol, Diesel) or other purchases. 

  • Administration  

Fuelmate will send you a single HMRC compliant invoice, reducing the time spent on collecting receipts, sorting through invoices and collating business mileage.

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Bunkering Fuel (Bulk Fuel)

Bunkering fuel from our sister company Rix Petroleum provides you with your own refuelling system to store and dispense your fuel safely on your site and purchase fuel refills at commercial rates. Our Rix Heating Services tank specialists offer a free, no obligation survey to ensure the correct fuel tank is fitted, from 1,000 litre capacities upwards to industrial scale bespoke installations.

Rix Petroleum is an ISO accredited company and has a number of fuel depots throughout the UK. They are able to deliver 1,000 to 36,000 litres of road diesel on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Other benefits to consider are: 

  • One-off system set up cost 

Pay an initial setup cost for your fuelling system, enabling longer-term savings. 

  • Fixed commercial rates 

Purchase your fuel in bulk at fixed commercial rates, avoiding any bad surprises from fluctuating fuel prices.

  • No added fees 

Manage your fuelling consumption from start to finish and avoid admin fees. 

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One size does not fit all - Make the right choice for your business 

Our interest-free Fuelmate fuel cards give flexibility to business fleets to refuel across any service station around the UK on a monthly payment contract. Fuelmate offers fuel cards from the UK’s leading network brands including as BP, Esso, Shell and UK Fuels. 

Here at Fuelmate, we can offer a free fuel analysis based on your current fueling model and make recommendations based on our findings.

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