Keyfuels Fuel Card

The Keyfuels fuel card is an ideal choice for companies operating a commercial fleet. Keyfuels has a network of more than 2,000 sites nationwide, many of which are on or close to the major motorways and trunk roads so offer excellent access to all vehicles. Fuelmate offers a fixed weekly pricing on Keyfuels cards which often works out up to 3 pence per litre less than the national average diesel price. All Keyfuels cards are PIN protected, and limits can be set so that companies are in complete control of exactly how much spent and what is purchased on the card. 

Keyfuels Network Overview

 The following overview outlines the fuel networks included on the Keyfuels fuel card and its respective filling station information.


The Keyfuels fuel card is accepted at more than 2,000 sites



Vehicle Types

The following vehicle types are accepted on the Keyfuels fuel card.



Cars  |  Vans  |  LCVs  |  HGVs  |  Other Large Vehicles



Fuel Types

The following fuel types are available on the Keyfuels fuel card.


Petrol & Diesel




The following pricing rules apply on the Keyfuels fuel card.


Fixed Price at Keyfuels Sites

Fixed Price + 1.6 pence per litre at Morrisons and Co-op Sites


Pump Price + 22.5% at All Sites


Card Fees

The following card fees apply on the Keyfuels fuel card.


£9.50 Per Card  |  No Tansactions Fees  |  No Hidden Fees |  0.5% Administration Fee



Additional Benefits

The Keyfuels fuel card comes with the following additional benefits:

 Lower Than National Average Diesel Price

 Online Account Management

 Interest-Free Credit

 Pin Enabled Cards

 Consolidated Weekly Invoicing (HMRC VAT Approved)

 Reduced Administration

 Security Features

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