Fuelmate Flexi-Pay

Fuelmate Flexi-Pay Prepaid Fuel Card

The Fuelmate Flexi-Pay fuel card is a prepaid fuel card, which means you can pre-load your fuel card with a set amount of litres. The Flexi-Pay option gives you access to a fixed, commercially-related diesel price whilst remaining firmly in control of spending limits on the card, ideal for small or newly established companies. 

The account is available to anyone spending more than £1,000 per month on diesel. If you would like to compare all our Fuelmate fuel cards, please use our Fuelmate fuel card comparison tool.

Fuelmate Flexi-Pay Network Overview

 The following overview outlines the fuel networks included on the Fuelmate Flexi-Pay fuel card and its respective filling station information.


The Fuelmate Flexi-Pay fuel card is accepted at more than 2,000 sites:



Vehicle Types

The following vehicle types are accepted on the Fuelmate Flexi-Pay fuel card.



Cars  |  Vans  |  LCVs  |  HGVs  |  Other Large Vehicles



Fuel Types

The following fuel types are available on the Fuelmate Flexi-Pay fuel card.






The following pricing rules apply on the Fuelmate Flexi-Pay fuel card.


Fixed Price at all sites


Card Fees

The following card fees apply on the Fuelmate Flexi-Pay fuel card.


No Card Fee  |  No Transaction Fees  |  No Administration Fee



Additional Benefits

The Fuelmate Flexi-Pay fuel card comes with the following additional benefits:

 Savings Against National Average Retail Prices

 Fixed Weekly Diesel Pricing

 Online Account Management

 Interest-Free Credit

 Pin Enabled Cards

 Consolidated Weekly Invoicing (HMRC VAT Approved)

 Reduced Administration

 Security Features

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