Esso Card™

The Esso card™ is ideal for cars, vans, and LCVs, giving you extensive network coverage in the UK. It offers a good mix of motorway, A-Road, and inner-city filling stations on pump pricing rates for both diesel and unleaded. If you run a fleet of cars or vans and your priority is to secure the very best rates, then the Esso Card™ may well be the fuel card solution for you.

Esso Card™ Network Overview

 The following overview outlines the fuel networks included on the Esso Card™ and its respective filling station information.


The Esso Card™ is accepted at more than 3,382 sites including:

1,111 Esso sites  |  2,271 cross-acceptance sites (BP and Shell)  |  439 24 hour sites  |  128 HGV sites



Vehicle Types

The following vehicle types are recommended with the Esso Card™.



Cars  |  Vans  |  LCVs



Fuel Types

The following fuel types are available on the Esso Card™.


Petrol & Diesel




The following pricing rules apply to the Esso Card™.


Pump Price at Esso Sites

Pump Price +1ppl at Cross Acceptance Sites


Pump Price at Esso Sites

Pump Price +1ppl at Cross Acceptance Sites


Card Fees

The following card fees applies to the Esso Card™.


£9.50 Per Card  |  No Transactions Fees  |  No Hidden Fees |  0.5% Administration Fee



Additional Benefits

The Esso Card™ comes with the following additional benefits:

 Pump pricing rates on diesel and unleaded

 Collect Tesco Clubcard points

 Online Account Management

 Interest-Free Credit

 Pin Enabled Cards

 Consolidated Weekly Invoicing (HMRC VAT Approved)

 Reduced Administration

 Security Features

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