Fuel Cards for Haulage Companies

Fuel Cards for HGV

At Fuelmate, we know the importance of haulage in the UK. Haulage and transport keeps our economy going and our distribution industry is part of what makes Britain great. After all, our sister company Rix Petroleum operates more than 90 tankers throughout the UK.

If you are a transport and logistics company, Fuelmate can offer fuel card HGV solutions to help manage your HGV fleets. From UK Fuels to BP Bunker Fuel Cards, we can offer the right fuel card network so drivers can conveniently locate and use HGV-friendly sites.

Our free fuel analysis will help you choose the right fuel cards for trucking companies, with the best network for your drivers, ensuring efficient vehicle utilisation.

Main Advantages of Trucking Companies Using Fuel Cards:

The fuel card market is very competitive with many companies offering “fishing” prices. At Fuelmate, we believe in being honest and upfront from the very first time that we talk.

All of our quoted prices include our margin and are realistic at that time so there are no surprises when you get your first invoice.

We pride ourselves on being a family-owned business and continue a very strong ethos of looking after our customers first, something JR Rix & Sons have been doing for more than 140 years.


Why Should Trucking Companies use Fuel Cards with Fuelmate?

What sets us apart from many of our competitors is the way we can offer a mix of cards between UK Fuels, Keyfuels, BP, Shell, Texaco and Esso, all at competitive prices and all on one invoice.

We understand the haulage industry and appreciate the huge strain fuel costs can put on your business. We offer competitive, honest prices with exceptional levels of customer service. We can also offer flexible credit terms which can help with your managing your cash flow.

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