What is a Fleet Fuel Card?


We generally recommend two types of fuel cards for fleets – bunker cards or standard fuel cards. To help you decide which type would be best for your fleet it can help to consider:

  • How many vehicles are in your fleet and what sort of fuel limit will they need?
  • Does your fleet mainly include HGVs or cars?
  • Does your fleet mostly use motorways or A roads or is it more city-based?

All these factors will impact the type of fuel card best suited to your fleet, to ensure you’re getting the best deal available.


Fuel Cards for Large Vehicle Fleets

If your fleet is largely comprised of large vehicles, a fleet fuel card, such as a BP Bunker or Shell CRT, is ideal for HGVs, LCVs, national hauliers, large mixed fleets, and coach companies operating nationally on motorways. The benefits of bunker cards are that they give drivers access to nationwide bunker sites on motorways and A-roads and at lower rates than at the pump.

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Fuel Cards for Car Fleets

However, if your fleet is mostly made up of cars and short-range commutes, a bunker card isn’t the optimal fuel card, as it’s limited to fewer sites. While these sites are convenient for larger vehicles on long-distance commutes, cars on shorter journeys would benefit more from a general fuel card, such as the BP Plus fuel card, which provides multinetwork access to over 3,000 sites nationwide. This is typically the ideal fuel card for small businesses or larger companies relying on cars.

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Where Can You Use Fleet Fuel Cards?

Fleet fuel cards can be used at many stations nationwide. Both Shell and BP boast excellent national coverage, often providing you with the best discounts against the pump. Motorway service stations are notoriously expensive, but if you have access to a bunker card, the discounts mount up.


Benefits of Fuel Cards for Your Fleet

Fuel cards are great for fleets as they are secure, easy to use, and have a limit to help you keep on top of fuel costs. While the benefits and fees vary between fuel providers, some benefits to look out for when searching for a fuel card include:


  • Fuel analysis as part of an in-depth consultation to identify the ideal fuel limit for your fleet


  • Online account management via a customer portal which allows you to easily manage your fleet when away from the office, with a simple laptop or mobile sign-in


  • Pin enabled cards for added security features to keep your accounts and your drivers safe while on the road.


  • Consolidated Weekly Invoicing (HMRC VAT Approved), so there’s no need to save receipts and scraps of paper anymore.


  • Reduced administration thanks to frequent automated invoices.


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If you’re considering switching to a fleet fuel card for your business, find out more in Your Complete Guide to Fuel Cards. Additionally, use our comparison tool where you can compare all our fuel cards, apply for your fuel card today, or book a consultation with one of our experienced and friendly team members.