A Brief Guide to Sainsbury’s Fuel Cards


Do Sainsbury’s take fuel cards?

There can sometimes be a level of uncertainty regarding fuel cards for supermarket brands such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons etc. These brands don’t actually have their own individual branded fuel cards, meaning a Sainsbury’s fuel card doesn’t physically exist. However, you can still use fuel cards at these stations as an alternative method of payment to debit/credit cards and cash.

Supermarket fuel cards are the type of fuel cards that are used at Sainsbury’s and other large supermarket brands, which can be used at supermarket fuel sites all over the UK. The specific fuelling sites that you can use will depend on your fuel card supplier. The sites that will accept your fuel card should be easy to find, with all good fuel card suppliers providing garage locator tools and easy navigation solutions, so that you know which sites are accessible to drivers.

Supermarket fuel cards

To read an in-depth description of supermarket fuel cards, then please check out our previous post to discover the main FAQs surrounding supermarket fuel cards.

As an overview, supermarket fuel cards offer an affordable unleaded and diesel fuel card solution. These are mainly beneficial for businesses operating cars, vans and other LVCS that do the majority of travelling in and around towns and cities. Supermarket fuel cards are ideal for smaller businesses, due to their pump pricing pay structure and generally speaking low card fees.

As an example, take the Fuelmate supermarket card:


It gives you the pump price at all sites in its network which includes 600+ Tesco, 300+ Morrisons and 300+ Sainsbury’s sites. There are no hidden fees with this card either, it costs £9.50 per card and there is a 1% admin charge, but that’s all. For more information on what to expect from industry fuel card fees, please read our blog post.

In addition, at Sainsbury’s, you can collect nectar points via your fuel card and also use it to pay for vehicle washes if required, making things more efficient and more beneficial for employees. Although you can collect the relevant points at Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons with the Fuelmate supermarket card, it’s worth mentioning that not all supermarket fuel cards suppliers offer this so make sure you check with suppliers first.

Supermarket fuel cards mean that employees won’t have to pay with cash when filling up at Sainsbury’s and other supermarket fuel stations, solving the problem of saving receipts for expenses and also making the whole process more secure as employees won’t have to carry potentially large amounts of cash to ensure they have an adequate amount of fuel. If you’re wondering as an employee how the process of using a fuel card would work, then read our guide on using fuel cards as an employee

If you are completely new to the idea of getting a fuel card and would like to know about how supermarket and other fuel cards can benefit your business, then check out our blog post dedicated entirely to presenting all the benefits of fuel cards for businesses. Alternatively, we also have a complete guide to fuel cards if you require more information on all things surrounding fuel cards.